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Lee Matasi

Lee Sept 24, 2005

1981 - 2005

Lee Matasi passed away on December 3rd, 2005. He was an artist, a skateboarder, and a good friend of many. He will be dearly missed in Vancouver and all over the world. Please see the media releases section for information regarding his passing.


Vans' Leeside Shoe: Vans supports DIY skateparks by releasing Leeside shoe . (Vans site). (01.10.2012)

Murderer's Appeal Dismissed: Appeal by murderer Dennis White dismissed by the Supreme Court of Canada. (details). (03.11.2011)

Avers xmas 2003
Merry Christmas from Avers! Piece Lee did on Christmas Day 2003 recently spotted in Winnipeg

Murder Conviction Upheld: Conviction appeal dismissed for murderer Dennis White. Read article from The Province here. (11.30.2009)

Skateday at Leeside


Emerica Team Raises over $7000 for Leeside

Emerica team blesses Vancouver for Go Skateboarding Day on June 21st, 2009. The team makes a special visit to Leeside to honour the life of Lee Matasi and to raise money for Leeside construction. Check out pics and the full report here.

The team raised over $7000CDN, which includes fundraising and a generous donation from Emerica itself. Proceeds to go towards the construction of Leeside and a foundation in memory of Lee Matasi.

Much respect to Emerica for supporting the Vancouver skateboarding community with such a positive event. And much love for raising money for Leeside so skateboarding can continue in Vancouver in Lee's name.

- Transword skateboarding article

- The Province article / 24 Hours Vancouver article

Photo courtesy of Andrew Reynolds photo courtesy of


"Matasi's Murderer Appeals Sentence": Read article from The Provice about murderer Dennis White's appeal. (06.20.2009)

Lee on Wikipedia: Lee Matasi entry started on Wikipedia - More informatoin is needed, particularly about his art (graffiti & other) and school days. Please log in to add more details. (04.19.2009)

Back Online: The Lee Matasi Dedication Site has finally moved from the defunct to after two months of down time. Thank you for your patience. (02.12.2009)


Lee Matasi R.I.P. Lee Matasi R.I.P. Lee Matasi skating castle in France Lee Matasi memorial at LeeSide Lee Matasi memorial at Leeside Lee Matasi memorial at Leeside
Photo Update: New miscellaneous photos added February 13th, 2009.


Rick McCrank's AVERS Spring 2009 shoe

Rick McCrank's Spring 2009 éS pro model shoe, the Avers, was inspired by his good friend and graffiti artist, Lee Matasi (RIP).

Check out details and buy at Antisocial!


Avers Shoe Release Party - Gallery Avers Shoe Release Party - Gallery Avers Shoe Release Party - Gallery Avers Shoe Release Party - Gallery Avers Shoe Release Party - Gallery Avers Shoe Release Party - Gallery
Avers Shoe Release Party - Gallery Avers Shoe Release Party - Gallery Avers Shoe Release Party - Gallery Avers Shoe Release Party - Gallery Avers Shoe Release Party - Gallery Avers Shoe Release Party - Gallery
Antisocial Gallery: Art done for the Antisocial gallery Avers eS shoe release party on July 19th, 2008.


Sentencing Trial Ends: Dennis White sentenced to a mandatory 16 years behind bars without parole for the murder of Lee Matasi. Details below.
Feb 15, 2008
The Vancouver Sun
Feb 8, 2008
The Vancouver Sun
Jan 26, 2008
The Province
Jan 25, 2008

Trial Comes to an End: Dennis White found guilty of second-degree murder. Details below.
Nov 30, 2007
The Vancouver Sun
Nov 29, 2007
Nov 26, 2007
The Vancouver Sun
(video) Fatal Matasi Shooting (Click on third last link on the bottom right-hand side)
Nov 25, 2007
The Vancouver Sun
Nov 23, 2007
The Globe and Mail
Nov 21, 2007
The Province
Nov 21, 2007
The Province
Nov 20, 2007
Nov. 19, 2007


Skating at Leeside

LRG team at Leeside
Above: LRG rider Aldemo Jr. Skates Leeside. Photo: Judah Oakes. Click for larger image.
Corey Wilson skating Leeside. Photo: Dylan Doubt. Click for larger image.


Vox Team Skates Leeside: Ten bags of cement and some local help were all it took to get SBC cover shot of Vox rider Alex Chalmers shredding a new construct at Leeside (updated 07.30.2007)

VOX Team at Leeside

Leeside in SBC - Alex Chalmers


video AVERS R.I.POS: Check out a compilation of Lee's graffiti artwork on Youtube here. Thanks to P.O.S. for the video. (updated 04.08.2007)

'Fatal Shooting Drives Mother's Campaign': Article from National Post from December 5, 2006. PDF format.> here (updated 12.12.2006)

video Anti-Violence PSA: Memorial anti-violence public service announcement created in memory of Lee Matasi [.MOV format]. Created by Tom Wilk. Check it out! (12.09.2006)

lee matasi Tribute Song : New tribute song in memory of Lee Matasi by band Lowell from France. > Listen (12.09.2006)

tunnel roast

The Leeside Tunnel Roast!

a custom espresso blend roasted from Vancouver. 15$/bag all proceeds to lee matasi memorial skateboard park -> get here

lee matasi - music note"Underground Hero" : Listen to tribute song to Lee Matasi by artist LjunghMan at (06.06.2006)

lee matasi - music note"Paint me a Picture": Song dedicated to Lee by his friend Rob PJ now available > listen here (02.04.2006)


OSA Lee Matasi Gallery

The Lee Matasi Gallery:

"The Ottawa School of Art Student Gallery becomes the Lee Matasi Gallery..." (Read full release) (01.20.2006)


Lee Matasi momentum wheel

'I Heart Lee Matasi' Momentum Wheel

Buy this wheel!! 100% of proceeds to leeside. size 53. donated by momentum wheels. avail at antisocial and dark flavour!

'Who was Lee Matasi?' : An exceptional article about the life of Lee Matasi by Lee's friend Geoff Hamilton can be found here (click on the first link that appears in the window that pops up). The article is written in a semi-biography-style and appeared in the Globe and Mail on December 12th, 2005.

Leeside: Please visit to assist in the reconstruction of the Leeside skateboard spot.

Lee Matasi Memorial Fund: Please visit the Ottawa School of Art's website for information.


Artist Against Violence

[please visit and sign petition]


The site was orignally created to show Lee's art online but has been transformed into a memorial site. If you have any information or photos you would like added to the site, please submit them. Please feel free to view and sign the Guest Book to show your love as well.

Rest in peace Lee. You will be missed but never forgotten.


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