Lee Matasi Guest Book

Lee Matasi Guestbook
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i hadnt known lee matasi although i followed his art very well it was an awfull thing to happen to such a person r.i.p lee matasi aka avers

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Author: Aniki Date: 30-11-07

mattb you are true friendship

Author: Lee's second cousin Jill Date: 28-11-07

Although I never got to meet you, I was privileged to get an art piece the Christmas after you died. I will always cherish it. My sister Jan had contacted Susie to purchase them before the horrible tragedy occurred. We will be praying for your Mom, your Dad, your sister, Ma Tante & your friends. You had so many. Love always.

Author: gabe Date: 28-11-07

I grew up and went to the same elementry and high school with lee, just blocks away from leeside. Not a day goes by without thinking about him and the people he's touched. I miss you Lee! R.I.P.Avers

Author: Laura Piasta Date: 28-10-07

Dear Lee, tonight I think of you and I miss you very much.

Author: spicoli Date: 01-10-07

Thanx Matt B Good to see the progress here You take care over there in Japan Try not to think so hard what yer lookin' for will come to you Have fun & Thanx again Let in the Light

Author: Groussaud Aurelien Date: 29-04-07

I met Lee at Saint Erme in France when he spent his "art travel" oversee. It was my town and i saw a strange guy at our little skate park. He was overcrowded and a lot of chidren were asking him questions. I remember one of them coming at me and saying "C'est Lee, il est Canadien et il trop fort c'est fou, mais il parle pas francais on comprends rien!" (It's Lee, he's Canadian and He's amazingly strong it's crazy, but he can't speak french and we don't unsterstand a thing!). Then i talked to him and he taught to me and the children how to skate. During two months we were stuck together. Talking about art,travels, skate,music (I remember one night in a crapy abandonned church, we were listenning classical in the dark while a storm. Just a game of two children of both around twenty to test courage. He and i were so affraid, but with him all was funny!). He stayed at my place to take showers and eat some real french food. He gave to me and my mom paintings and a lot of memories. It took me one year to say it since i know about his death but I say it: Lee we miss you! Your Saint Erme's friends.

Author: robi geary Date: 03-04-07

i met lee thru violence actually. not him and i personally but myself and a friend of his didnt agree on certain things and ended up fighting, nothing serious though. may i add im now friends with the guy that i fought. through that lee and i ended up becoming good friends. we kept in contact and started to paint together. as the years passed we painted and spent time together lee introducing me to his circle of friends and myself doing the same for him with my circle of friends. he became a member of POS. we loved him and still do. i spent time at his house with his family and dogs. haha. awww. we travelled out of town to paint at his friends shop up in grande prairie and fort st. john. we also painted at a store called bombshell. that was one of my favorite experiences with him. we just drank and painted. our pieces with the background of a city skyline, the clouds and sun shining thru. he introduced me to my good friend ivan aka dj seko. we would party at sekos house all the time. share laughter and tears. i miss those days so much. now i am working to become an artist. ive always been an artist but a lazy one. now im working hard to establish myself and make a career out of what i love. lee inspired me to do that. i remember at his memorial at leeside his mother said that lee had told her 'i dont care if im rich, i just want to create art'. that right there is an inspiration to me. i still try to keep lee's memory alive as much as i can. along with wearing the 'i LOVE lee matasi' shirts i made a shirt of my own. Avers R.I.POS. it represents what lee meant to us, his crew. POS also featured him on our CD covers and in our music videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4uLQ6goCeY we miss you lee. one day ill meet up with you so we can paint again.

Author: Emily Date: 29-03-07

I teach at a school in East Van and today, in her Concours D'art Oratoire (French speech contest,) a student presented an excellent speech on "Graffiti: art or vandalism?" and mentioned Lee several times. I tried my best not to cry as I sat there watching this young student, who wants to try competing with graffiti some day, talking about Lee, her local example of a graffiti hero.

Author: Phil Larin Date: 17-01-07

Rest in Peace Lee.

Author: spicoli Date: 12-01-07

Lee is a Vanouver son let in the light .. 311

Author: Jeff Jiang Date: 11-12-06

Mr. Lee Matasi is a fearless hero.

Author: ivey Date: 04-12-06

What we choose in this life has the potential to transcend time... Art, music, sport, heart: it reminds us of the mortality our own Being, encompassing 'who' we are. Reminds of the strength and ineffabilty of frienship, love, family, and most importantly, forgiveness. You were cool to me when I knew no one and was quiet. How you chose to live; your art, skate, heart it will and has trascended time. This is the purpose of being. Thank you for Being.

Author: hEIdi Date: 03-12-06

Fuck, it's was hard to sleep last night thinking of the same night last year. All of the phone calls we got. Thinking it couldn't be true. I fucking miss Lee and hate this day. It's not any easier a year later.

Author: jaimer Date: 03-11-06

lee was awesome heis helping me achive my goals to be an artist i want to be just like him when i grow up

Author: Tetsuo Date: 19-10-06

Hi, I made a memoria website for Lee. I respect u and everyone who respect him. http://www.kinoshitatetsuo.com/ Thanks!

Author: Shack Norros Date: 28-08-06

Good site. I'll be back soon. Thanks for your work. Good bye

Author: spicoli Date: 04-08-06

Interesting perspective for those of us who don't have The Gift of art like This Documentary called " A primer on urban painting"

Author: moondog Date: 30-07-06

Big footsteps to follow .

Author: spicoli Date: 01-07-06

relax Happy Canada day 100th meridian & all that !

Author: spicoli Date: 17-06-06

Announcing .. The Avers annual ride for Leeside June 17 2006 This Year Mt. Baker to Steel Dreams (Burlington Wa ) Hope to see you there ?

Author: spicoli Date: 16-06-06

ensoe is omnipresent .. 1300 Kent Just south of the downtown skate park on the back of a street sign on Quebec .. ensoe; do you have a motorbike ?

Author: nick Date: 09-06-06

Never met lee personally, have friends who knew him, but being an artist/skateboarder from vancouver i cant help but feel somewhat connected to him. I've allways felt a sense of wonderful unity amongst everyone around east van. my heart goes out to everyone who knew him and let lee's passing be a reminder that life is indeed is very unpredictable and that we should cherish every second we have here on earth. RIP buddy.

Author: spicoli Date: 03-06-06

Heaven is a half-pipe ..

Author: Spicoli Date: 01-06-06

His (?) grafitti & Ensoe is what I see on the walls near the ALRT track @ the Waterfront stn. This is behind a security fence & never seen by the general public. For all I know, they where resposible for grafitti on our building. It was a Martian like creature spray painting. This was the whole subject, nothing more except vibrant colors. For 2 years anyone looking out of Skytrain could see this while the train was waiting for a switch to move. Unfortunatly, my boss decided to paint over it. I can only imagine Him & his Friend Ensoe searching for new places to skate is what brought them here. More Grafitti on E.1st & Clark.Ensoe saying farewell to His Friend Avers. Where ever Avers is, it's a good place.

Author: Confidential Records Date: 28-05-06

Confidential Records, in association with *Artists Against Violence* and Sketch, are putting on a showcase at Ye Olde Brunswick House with all proceeds going to *Artists Against Violence*. The show is on Saturday June 17th at 2:00pm in Toronto, is all ages, and admission is a mere $5 which comes with a CD compilation from Confidential Records featuring the artists performing. These artists include: - The Sh*t Kickers - Mob Mentality - What the Funk? - Shorty - J-Stylz - 9th Uno There is more information on this at http://www.myspace.com/confidentialrec or if there are any questions or concerns you can email me at brett_corbett@hotmail.com Please come out and support a good cause and a great way to remember Lee. Thanks, Brett Corbett Confidential Records

Author: Shelley Blimke Date: 13-05-06

I knew Lee from working at Dark Flavour with his good friend John Rusin. He did alot of the art work there. I've been to Van city to pick him up to bring back to Grande Prairie, and stayed at his parents house. I tryed sushi for the first time then. Thanks lee for your coolness.

Author: iz. Date: 29-04-06

Lee changed everyones life for the better.

Author: max morand from french folk band"Lowell" Date: 27-04-06

the way i heard about Lee's tragic death is quite strange and i can only see a sign in it. at the mid of december 2005, i ordered a comic book to author Mark Burrier in Maryland. When i received his envelop, he had placed badges of his own into it, plus a Catpower promo ad and a sticker he had picked up in a skateshop in vancouver : that was written "I (heart) Lee Matasi". I searched on the web and finally discovered that drama of a 23 innocent young artist shot in the street. i put the sticker on my electric guitar and then wrote a song about him. This story about someone i had never met shaked me though. this is the song i've written and i'd like to send it recorded later, to be placed as a french tribute on your site. I know that Lee had spent some time in France and had the project to return someday, maybe that's another sign. my name's max and i've never been in the skateboard thing ; but the idea of repainting my old '84 bmx and ride it again has something to do with Lee. He must not be forgotten, with us he will not.

Author: Brandon Date: 20-04-06

I dont know much about him but hes an amazing artist and will have his art remembered forever...r.i.p bro

Author: Bifteck aka. Beef Date: 28-03-06

Couldn't sleep last night - my heart bleeds for Lee's family and friends - would like to travel to Leeside to pay my respect to this man, unfortunatly i really dont know where it is, I will be coming from Toronto wondering if someone can help me out??? R.I.P. Avers

Author: Bifteck Date: 28-03-06

Never met the man - the good die young - One Love - R.I.P.

Author: cleo Date: 26-02-06

does anyone have contact info for lee's girlfriend? i never met lee or his girlfriend, but want to pass on the sadness and the empathy i feel for all of you who had the luck to know him. best wishes, cleo

Author: the General Date: 24-02-06

Whenever Lee would randomly show up in Montreal, we would skate the mini ramp and drink some beers. Never a dull moment and always great conversation. Wonderfull vibrant beautifull conversation. He would give anyone the shirt off his back, a laugh, a hug. The sound of his voice was one of the most genuine, everything he did he did from the heart. miss you

Author: Franc bruneau Date: 07-02-06

I can't believe he is gone. Lee had to come in Paris, I found a flat for him and Miriam.I think every day about the moments we had and we had to have. Anyway he is in Paris and everywhere i go, in my heart. You have to know that last time Lee came in France it was for 6 month, but he did stuffs for one life, he was amazing, everything he said when he came back in Canada was true, he told me he was afraid that people don't believe him ! I came in Vancouver in september to visit him. I try to do everything i can for his memory, first i had to say the bad news to many people in Paris, i wrote a tribute in Sugar Skateboard magazine, he has a poster in it too, i wore a t-shirt on French Tv, did tributes in the streets... Everybody who knew him liked him, is inconsolable and have to be strong because Lee's death is so unjust, because life without him is grey. All the guns on the planet are not as good as one second of Lee's life. I have a big respect for what you are doing for Lee's memory,and i'm sure it's helps you to feel better, less sad. I think of Lou, Nugget, Susan and Miriam and all the friends. Franc Bruneau.

Author: Lorna Hawrysh Date: 06-02-06

A gorgeous little painting of Lee's is in a new group show called Now Now here in Toronto. The show's at the Fran Hill gallery and is packed with lots of great paintings. We thought of Lee again at the opening last Thursday, & celebrated him. How much better it would have been to have him with us. We love you Lee. Thanks for everything.

Author: Take5 - Mikeal Date: 24-01-06

Dearest friends of Lee.... I sit here up late, restless, in a pensive state, all wondrous of the events that have left us all in awe and agony.. I write to you to extend my love, and some insight into what has come across my mind this evening, whilst alone in my apartment thinking of Lee... I think we are meant to learn something from this tragic event. We lost one of our best friends.. What does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Surely it is meant to signify something more than a lesson in loss and grief, for what is loss and grief if we can not transcend it?? What kind of understanding can we come to through this hardship and suffering? For me, it's about the severity of loss, and it's ultimate message of hope and transcendence. We are Deaf. We are numb.. We are Blind.. We are suffering.. The hope I speak of is the hope to live each moment with a superfluous love.. The loss of an amazing person such as Lee leaves us with that re occurring question "why Lee"?? Death may come to whomever it pleases, whenever it pleases, seeming random or chaotic, unjust, and arbitrary, however it is the experience of reflecting about the loss of life that gives death it's meaning in our lives, which makes us wonder what life is about. If life can be taken away at any moment, we might want to think of how we could enrich every single moment with a deeper understanding of it's delicacy.. I think Lee will be a reminder to people to stop and smell the roses, to be patient (as he was), to be honest and forgiving, and to let go of what prevents us from flourishing into what we are truly meant to become (Lee had no problem there, as he loved to paint, and thats what he did so well, along with many other things).. Let us not take for granted the short time we have here together. Let us live our lives filled with love and hope.. Let us look back on Lee's life and his wonderful accomplishments, and hope to make our lives as rich as his, together in love and light... I will leave you all with a small piece my father wrote... "That Love is All there is is all we need to know. Let it be a compass for the heart and the indelible signature of All we dare dream, do, become... " Chick Frazer Lee.. I Love you.. You will be the painter of my dream-scapes.. See you on the other side my beloved friend.. In Love and Light, Mikeal Take5 --------------------------------------------- Life is like a bubble that could float on the soft breath of it's own frailty for what seems an eternity, eventually bursting into thin air, untraceable, except for the memory of it's beauty.. In Light , Mikeal --------------------------------------- Lee is gone.. Just remember him.. I remember once I was hitchhiking on the trans-Canada highway, and guess who picks me up?? Good ol Avers and his girl.. They had been bumping my album all the way across Canada, and were almost home.. Lee's girl says to Lee " I'd really like to meet this Take5 guy, I love his music".. and Lee says "well here's your chance, he's right there on the side of the road!!!" (I have video footage of him rolling up on us in his Golden Van, my tunes blasting, smiles all around..) We were both in absolute awe that synchronicity had endowed us to meet in our extensive journeys, out there on the road, where sometimes you feel so alone, but not on that day.. We rejoiced about the ultimate connection, blared tunes on the way home, and talked about life and it's delicate inter-workings. Lee and I spent alot of time together, always trading stories of life as painters.. His stories of Europe and learning painting techniques were amazing.. He was one of the only people I would give a sneak-copy of my up comming album.. He used to come over to my apartment and just bug out to my music, head between his knees, freaking out.. It felt good.. He just loved it so much.. It was so rewarding for me to play him my stuff because it felt like I had a number one fan, which in my eyes, he was.. Lee gave me a painting a few years ago, a self portrait depicting himself in a profile view, painting a freight train, something he loved to do immensely.. As I heard the news of his tragic death, I stared up at the painting hanging above my piano, and just wondered if thats where he was now, somewhere beautiful at dusk, painting.. creating..with love in his heart.. My own heart aches with pain to know I will never see him in this life again, but I know deep in my soul that his memory will resonate in my being eternally, and that I will carry his soft voice and smile inside to remember.... In Light... Mikeal

Author: Alex Henderson Date: 19-01-06

i went to langara college with lee. he was such a character. someone i won't soon forget. and now with his death memories of him come to the surface for me more and more. you left too soon lee. but you lived large. i'm sorry to think i will never again run into you on the street or hear about your antics. my deepest condolences to your family, close friends and miriam.

Author: Rob PJ Date: 12-01-06

Lee was an amazing guy and someone I thought would always just be around. Ive been in Japan for 2 years now and when I came back for christmas vacation and heard he was gone I was shocked. How could someone kill such a kind, thoughtful guy? I knew lee from Langara and I remember chillin out in his art space and drinkin bull max, I remember halloween in the hawaiian shirts and I remember seeing his work and thinking wow, this guys got somethin. I still have the piece you gave me Lee, Thank you and goodbye friend.

Author: Nugget Date: 12-01-06

wow where to start,i don't even know....there are not even enough great words to say about this beutiful person. since day one as i can remember lee was always so good to me, he would go so out of his way to make me happy and to feel good...as we both grew up, i remember i wanted to be exactly like my older brother and be around him 24/7,so when i was about 8 or 9 i remember him always with this goddamn skateboard, so i was like i bet if i start skating my brother would probbly love it and he would hang out with me lots more and i could be around him all the time...so i told lee that i wanted to start skating, mintues later there i was surrounded by my brother almost everyday of the summer and him teaching me how to skate and i was loving every minute of it...so as years went by and as i got better and more doors opened for me, the most proud and bragging person was lee...hahaha...sudenly the tables had turned and he wanted to be around me 24/7..later on in life lee had found a new passion which was art, so he headed off to art school in ottawa...i would always say to lee how could you be into art it's so lame bla bla bla..intill the day i saw his work i was completly shocked..it possibly had to be the most beutiful thing i saw my brother create...so there i was eating up all my words and rageing to all my friends how my brothers going to be the next basquiet...haha..so the last 2 years went by with out seeing lee that much, with him busy away at painting and me traveling tons...but we still kept in contact..towords the end of this year i was living in LA and my brother called me and said he was moving back to vancouver, i was so excited i packed my bags and moved back to vancouver just to live with him...i am so greatful that the last few months that i spent with my brother were so amazing words would never explain it...i started to understand him more and more and i finally realized why everyone loved this man so much,it was becauase he was a talented,pure sweet heart,funniest,goofiest,peaceful and best brother to ever have...me and lee had finally conected in a adult level and we were getting along so well, even when he would tease the shit out of me i was starting to love it...so i started thinking to myself how lucky i was to have lee in the rest of my life, but sad to say that will never happen..so lee i take all my greatest and fond memories of you and us together and cheerish them for the rest of my life, and take all those great things u taught me and your advice to the future....the rest of my life is for you buddy..see you on the other side...much love from your sister, always.

Author: Jessica C Date: 11-01-06

My belated condolences go out to Alison and her family for their loss. Used to know Alison back in grade 7, but she went to Temp the year after with Megan, Lauren, Danielle, and most of the rest of our grade 7 class, and I went to Brit. I know we didn't hang out much or anything, but this is too tragic for my words to not be spoken. Read the article on Lee in Youthink this morning. If I can, I'll see about getting to the AntiSocial party. Hope you all are going to be alright by now.

Author: Jade Brooks Date: 10-01-06

Lee was always one of my favourite people. You could hang out with him and do anything and it would be a guaranteed good time. I miss his dancing in my living room and his obscure funny remarks. I miss him asking me to sew up his ripped clothes or make him something new. I'll always remember him drawing on my magazines and asking me to make him mix tapes, talking to my cat and making caesars in my kitchen. Complimenting and insulting my outfits. Drinking beer and eating pender slice. Side bar nights and hangover days. Lee now continues to live in my mind through all the good and bad times we've experienced together. I will always love and miss my dear LEE. Thanks for all the memories. Jade

Author: Jackie Orioli Date: 04-01-06

I used to hear Lee before I saw him skating home down Oxford or Boundary Road when he was just a kid. I came across the tape of the "rebel grade 7 grad party" held at our home. There is Lee showing off his belly (continued on so I see) and doing some tricks in the back lane on his skate board. He was so focused. It's a really bad tape but one I will always treasure. From time to time over the years, I would run into Lee around home and he would update me on his life. He was always very passionate in whatever adventure was next on the slate. The night our family heard Lee had been killed, it was just too sad for words. I can't imagine what his family has gone through. They have somehow managed to conduct themselves with grace and dignity in the face of this senseless act of violence. I found myself to be in the downtown core last week-end and finally visited the place of this enormous tragedy outside the Red Room. What I thought I would feel was a horrible energy there. It was not the case. What I felt was the energy of pure and endless love and it just washed over me. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. Lee, you acquired more love in the short span you were here than most people would in 10 life times. What a testament to the kind of rare human being you were. Yesterday, I went out and bought a canvas and paints. At the age of 50, you have inspired me to take up painting no matter how awful it turns out, to say I at least tried. Blessings and peace to you Lee and to your family and loved ones.

Author: Rhek Date: 04-01-06

Lee was my painting partner and someone who liked my stuff more than me. He was the funniest writer I ever painted with and he was a great gentle human. I miss him.

Author: willie hoag Date: 03-01-06

I had the pleasure to meet Lee while staying in Vancouver for a week during Canada Day last summer. I don't know if it was a special occasion or an every day thing, but when he first came walking through the door in those sweet white sailor pants, I knew he was the man to know around town. Excellent skateboarder, gentelman, and a scholar! Rest in peace homie!

Author: Galen Wellmeier Date: 31-12-05

Lou,Susan,Alison,I am so sorry for your loss. Tom called and told me, but left a vague message and it wasn't until I saw it on the news that I actually found out what happened. I think it's a testament to what an incredible person he was to see here and everywhere the reaction of people, and the impact he had on them even if for just a very short time. I know he was one of the most generous and inspiring people to ever enter my life and his spirit lives on with all the people he's touched all over the world, and every time I make a turn I look down and his name is on my snowboard. I am going to make a memorial for him out in the backcountry at 8000 ft and get some pictures for you.I was crushed when I found out, and I now use that energy to inspire me in everything that I do and everywhere that I go. We just got a skatepark here in Golden and you can bet there will be a tribute going on there for you, buddy. Thank you so much for everything you did for me, Love you Lee. Rest in Peace

Author: puppypimp Date: 28-12-05

Thanks, Lee for touching the lives of complete strangers trrough Leeside. I used to go bmx there wiith my gf's daughter. She was a very confident rider on all your (now) sketchy ramps. I loved the mural / gallery idea- I spot was needed for muralists and Leeside was a perfect combo of art and sk8. I was actually directed there while walking my dog through the PNE grounds. 2 older French ladies asked me if I'd ever seen the "Art tunnel" beside the connector. I was excited to find it was a homemade sk8 park as well! I can't sk8 worth s*#!#, but I thought I'd ride it. I always heard about this guy named "Lee"- just one degree away - friends with some I knew. I figured one day I'd meet you and buy you a beer as thanks for the work. The more I learn about you, the more I appreciate your existence. So many dimensions... Anyway, the opportunity to say "thanks" in person never came up, so I'll say it now. Thanks, Lee

Author: James W Date: 28-12-05

Well really I only knew Lee from school, where despite the different groups he came across as a good person (most of the time). Leeside was a rather astounding conversion..He did a lot for the community in Eastvan and for Skateboarding..providing people with a place to hangout, and skateboard..from what I have read it seems he was well on his way to making a note able impression on the world with his art. My thoughts and those of my students (I'm a teacher in China) go out to his family, and friends. In the same situation I'm sure I, and for that matter most people would say much the same things as Lee apparently did.. Knowing that someone else already made my point in a better fashion, "And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him: And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying, Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. " So Let us mourn Lee, and remember his good works, and his faults for nobody is perfect. But most importantly let us remember How he lived his life, not how it ended. -James Walker, Zhengzhou, Henan, China formerly of East Vancouver

Author: Calvin Long (Malaysia) Date: 21-12-05

I had the pleasure of staying together with Lee and his family while i was in vancouver back in 1999 and 2000 for skating purposes. i miss making breakfast, lunch and dinner for him and his favourite dish "fried rice" man now i am in homeland malaysia thinking of the words "Living" said by him at most times. i cheerish our friendship and the moment we spent, laughter, jokes, skating sessions, trips and even walk the dogs together. it's been a routine back then. because of you, my vancouver trip was a blast. your memory remains in me and live forever. your bro for life from Malaysia. alison, lou and susan thank you for your love and care when i was living with you guys. your bro for life

Author: Lenny Taylor Date: 21-12-05

Hey Lee, Where to start......... Allways the truest of homies. Just got home tonight from a friends birthday party. I was walking down Cordova and I started thinking of you. But where to begin..... 7 Alexander? You were probably just old enough to get in there at the time....... ahhhh keeping it hood like. Or your mom. I remember my fathers funeral. Thanks for your support. And now this. I don't know where to go with this one. It feels like the other day when I saw you at Plaza and realized you were back for a while. Then hanging out at art shows and you telling me about those crazy stories. I'm at a loss for words, because there isn't anything as upsetting as when homies like you have to leave. Lee, rest in peace man.............

Author: cyrus Date: 21-12-05

lil lee, always proudly reppin' newspot, one of the few to hold onto that era in vancouver skateboarding, made me proud. skate newspot for lee next time your in the area. big up. one love.

Author: C Date: 17-12-05

You've touched so many lives, even those of people you didn't know. And that is something to be proud of. Rest in peace and know that there are so many people here who love you. You were not lost in vain.

Author: Santino Orioli Date: 17-12-05

Grade school to high school. Lee the memories you have given me are wonderous. Thank you for being a part of my life. Love Sanman

Author: Laura Piasta Date: 17-12-05

I think the first time I met Lee was at the Burnaby Skatepark, although it could have been long before that, my memory feels rather foggy. I remember him showing up with his little sister Allison, soon to be nammed Nugget, which was very exciting. I was really excited to know that Lee was studying art in Toronto because I was also study at Emily Carr at the same time and he would come into Antisocial with Nugget and Father Matasi, and we would have great conversations about art and travelling. I was so excited for Lee when he was living in the castle in fance, and I got to hear about all the wonderful things he did when he was there. This past summer we were at a party and hung out for a long time talking and laughing. I will remember that experience with Lee forever, rest in peace my friend. See you on the other side.

Author: Elgin Vine Date: 17-12-05

- Man Of Action - words by Elgin Vine) This is a song for the young ones This a song for the bright ones the ones who leave us before their time comes Victims of violence It doesn't make sense To kill an artist Just doesn't make sense He was a man of action He was a friend A son and a brother He was a lover till the end He had to get up He had to do one thing He had to take a stand for the things that he believed in He had to get up He had to take a stand He had to speak his mind he was an honest man My friend was a painter My friend was a skater He was a lover A son a friend and a brother His body might be gone but his spirit will remain His light will guide us through these crazy crazy days He was a man of action He was friend A son and a brother He was a lover till the end He was a lover till the end

Author: Lesley Browne Date: 16-12-05

I didn't know Lee for very long, or that well really. But I think, like others, that his was one of the most unique souls I have ever encountered. My biggest surprise when I met Lee was his age. How could someone so young, so confidently embrace life? Lee, I'm sorry you didn't get to do more, but you've done more than most of us can ever hope to. Bring people together, make them smile & laugh, all with an unequivocal passion for life. xoxo

Author: Nik Sexton Date: 16-12-05

To everyone who knew this face and laughed to his humour I think we'd all agree that knowing that someone took his life and left us without Lee My friend I never knew you my whole life maybe only two or three years but the times that we had together were filled with laughter and cheer It was skating that started our friendship and fun that held the glue Like all the people in Vancouver and far beyond I know are missing you When we went to Montreal you already knew so many From the stories you told you were a twenty three year old that had seen plenty A tragedy, a loss, all for no cause my god whats this world coming to An artist, a painter, an enthusiast and a skater but mostly a friend to all. To everyone had that the shear pleasure of knowing Lee Matasi please think of all the good that he's brought into your life and all the times he made you feel that no matter how hard life is, it can always get better. When we asked Lee why he liked to do things his way he simply responded "Pour Le Fun". I love ya Lee buddy and you'll always be in my heart. -Nik-

Author: Kelly B. Date: 16-12-05

I met Lee in Ottawa last year, almost exactly a year prior to his untimely death. It was on the day that George Bush was in town. We spent all day and most of the night together. The instant I met him, I liked him. He was incredibly friendly and after a few hours of hanging out with him,I felt like I had known him for years. We talked about many things, a lot of which I am now reading about in newspapers and online -- about his art, his time in France, skateboarding, and even sushi (he had some with him and was trying to get me to eat it because he knew I was hungry).I said to a friend of mine after I met Lee that he was one of the most interesting guys I had met, and if there were people like him around all the time, things would never be dull. Just from that one day, I saw that he was someone passionate about art; someone who went against the grain and was himself always; someone who really cared to hear other people's opinions, and who loved to share his own; someone who loved his family and his friends and life in general. A friend sent me pictures of Lee through e-mail the other day, and I looked at them with a huge smile on my face, almost laughing out loud, remembering what a nice, fun guy he was, and how much fun we had had that day in Ottawa. I didn't really understand why my friend was sending the pics to me though, until I read what was written above -- a friend's thoughts on Lee, saying that he would never be forgotten. I really didn't think it was real. How could someone so full of life be taken at such a young age? Lee was smart, unique, funny, talented, and a person that is not easily forgotten. I had hoped to see Lee again one day, but now I am just greatful that I got to meet him at all. He touched my life, and really made me see what wonderful people there are out there in the world. I will always remember you with a big smile, Lee. You will be missed. Rest in peace.

Author: Nick Wilton Date: 16-12-05

I only knew Lee for a short time, we spent three weeks skating and drinking almost every day and night in Montréal and Toronto two summers ago. Lee was the life of the trip and coined a catchphrase during those days that has stuck with me ever since and seems to sum up his existence quite well. "pour le fun" I'll miss you buddy.

Author: Cassidy P Date: 16-12-05

Lee was kind and fun and honest and good. A friend and an inspiration, Lee has been a constant figure in my life, kind of like a cousin you dont get to see often enough. Hes been to my house for christmas dinner, I to his for new years. Man, Ill miss him.

Author: chloe Date: 16-12-05

this all seems to be a dream, something like this is not suppost to happen to such a beautiful person. lee your memory will live on forever thanx for everything. love chloe kidd

Author: Mila Date: 16-12-05

we were dancing at shine and he reminded me of how 6 years ago i had blonde hair with pink highlights in my bangs. and then he laughed and threw his body around dancing so unafraid of what anybody else thought. and then nugget walked up and said "dont listen to this guy he talks to all the ladies" and i said sweetheart your brother was there when i first learned how to use a can of spray paint, ive known you since you were up to my waist. then lee shouted "this is simo she hung out with us like years ago allison cmon man" so proud so strong! We need to do something that will prevent this from happening to any of out people again. ever again

Author: SNAK Date: 16-12-05

i love you Lee!! Rest is power!!! AVERS ALL-CITY FOREVER!!!

Author: hEIdi Date: 16-12-05

Lee has been down since day one...i remember when he was like 16 and skated 24-7 at the burnaby park...we used to laugh so fucking hard at nothing...I am so thankful I got to hug and kiss him at shine that night...he inspires me still every day and I miss him dearly. Rest in peace sweetie <3

Author: Lorne Spry Date: 15-12-05

I never met the gentleman, but my daughter was his friend. I have been so affected by her grief, admiration and praise of this vital, gentle talented man that I could not help but add my name to this remembrance. I hope that all who knew him will take his spirit and pass it into the world as he would surely would have continued to do had he lived. In turn you can pass it on to your children, and his short life will have multiplied in death as in life. The friends he touched will be his legacy.

Author: Shawna W Date: 13-12-05

I will always remember Lee. He was a great guy, foundest memory i and many have of lee is the guy walking around temp with the boom box, always put a smile on peoples faces. We will all miss you dearly Lee. :)

Author: Steve Hare Date: 13-12-05

I went to school with lee at Ottawa School of Art and he was the first guy I met going to that school. I went there for a year and I feel like I knew Lee my whole life by the end. He was amazing, the most genuine person, All the road trips from T.O. to Ottawa, print making, and a million more. I miss you man.....

Author: leo Date: 13-12-05

i wish i could have had more time to get to know Lee. since his death, i have learned more of him, off the internet, than i ever did from Miriam or anyone else, before. he would have made a good li'l bro. i think, more than anything, i miss the opportunity to miss him. also, i would have liked to hear him explain his art.

Author: Darren Power Date: 13-12-05

I am new to Vancouver and Met Lee only briefly through skateboarding and mutual friends,but to see all the love and support of so many great people that are involved in Lee Matasi's Life is to know that he is beautiful and will live on forever in all of their thoughts. I am so thankful to have been invited to and attend Lee's art showing at Anit-social. An inspiring individual, Lee "Avers" Metasi, Rest in Peace.

Author: Elgin Vine Date: 13-12-05

I went to Langara with Lee for our first year of the fine art program... He continualy surprised me with his talent and humour. I feel really sad that a young man of his callibre has been lost to mindless, senseless violence. I will personaly try to honour his spirit in my life by being more commited to my art and enjoying everyday to the fullest.

Author: Jodi Frye Date: 12-12-05

I met Lee through my boyfriend Nik Sexton, a fellow skateboarder. Lee used to show up on our door step, out of the blue, in Toronto and stay with us for a night or two. My most favorite memory of Lee is when he would ask me to scratch his head like crazy. He really liked that and it always made me laugh. That was one of his greatest qualities, his ability to make you smile regardless of how you were feeling. We are really going to miss him...

Author: Matt Blajer Date: 12-12-05

I met Lee through my friend Alex Cameron, a painter. Lee was his "apprentice". I would see him every now and then when he stayed in Toronto. What a gentle, kind, talented human being. I read a comment on the Ottawa School of Art site that said it well. We are throwing our future away. Those who met Lee in Toronto miss him very much. It's hard to believe that such a bright, human light has been extinguished.

Author: adam flynn Date: 12-12-05

this all seems unreal and too real at the same time. while Lee would always say what he thought, he's the last person i would think of this happening to. Lee would go away for some time, but you knew he'd always come back, and that nothing would have changed when he did. he was the most creative skateboarder i've seen which made him the most fun to watch. i miss you so much Lee. love. adam

Author: Rob Sluggo Boyce Date: 12-12-05

I had known Lee since He was in the single digits . I had the pleasure of watching him grow up. I find it hard to remember a time Lee was nt part of our skate scene . I skated with him at almost every spot in town at one time or another. Little Lee was what we called him in his youth . He grew so much since those days it was odd his name was once Little Lee. I have so many memories of this wonderful man. Too many to rattle off. I was so very happy to see his friends and family show up at Leeside last week in full force to celebrate him. He received the cover of 5 paper in one day , Wow. I will miss Lee very much , Our entire city now nows who Lee was . I love you kid.

Author: mattb. Date: 09-12-05

you finally got your website bro. now your memory can live forever online and in our hearts. thank you for everything and for everyday. love always -mattb

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